On being “the other other half”

Fellow Canadian Jon Randell Smith has a soul-searching post on Eating an Island about food security that resonates with what I wrote in Food MarginsĀ about realizing just how much of the world has been set up to cater to my wants and needs as a middle-class white person.

Smith uses Matthew Desmond’s terms “the otherĀ other half” and “the unwitting enemies of the poor” to describe “those of us who not only have regular access to food, but also the privilege to make choices about what, how, when and where we eat,” “those of us who benefit materially from the way we have organized our society.”

That’s what’s haaaard to give up when you try to move away from the center and toward the margins in a consequential way, the way our little grocery store has been doing!


5 months ago

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